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Do you support sustainable fashion?

At Hangurs, we're not just watching the fashion industry's environmental challenges; we're taking action. The industry's annual production of 92 million tons of textile waste is staggering. Our mission with Hangurs is clear: to revolutionize how we value our clothes, focusing on the longevity and sustainability of luxury fashion through our rental and resale platform. This approach directly confronts the issue of overproduction and consumption that plagues our industry, offering a path towards significant waste reduction.

Every choice to rent or resell through Hangurs chips away at the traditional throwaway culture, aiming to reduce the fashion industry's carbon footprint. It's a commitment that goes beyond just looking good; it's about making choices that feel good on a global scale. As we curate our collection, we're mindful of the impact each piece has from production to end-of-life, aligning with brands and consumers who share our vision for a more sustainable fashion future.

The facts are hard to ignore: with the equivalent of a rubbish truckload of clothes burned or buried every second, the need for change is urgent. Through Hangurs, we offer a tangible solution, emphasizing quality over quantity and the timeless over the temporary. We're here to prove that luxury fashion can lead the way in environmental responsibility, turning the tide against waste one garment at a time.

We envision a world where fashion not only looks good but does good. By choosing Hangurs, our customers are part of a growing community that values the circular economy, supporting efforts to cut down on waste and promote sustainable practices within the fashion industry. It's not just about making a statement with what you wear but making a difference in how you choose to consume fashion.

Join us in transforming the fashion industry into a force for good. Together, we can build a future where fashion is sustainable, ethical, and accessible, making a lasting impact on our planet and our society. 

Hangurs is more than a platform; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and conscious approach to luxury fashion. 

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