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The Beauty Behind Embracing Mistakes: a founder's journey.

In finance, where we counted to the fourth decimal, mistakes had a domino effect—not just on our reputation, but on our clients' trust and financial health. When I switched gears to launch Hangurs, I brought with me a suitcase of such experiences, heavy with the idea that mistakes were costly, not constructive. But this startup journey? It's teaching me to pack light and embrace those imperfections.


Launching a startup is like learning a new language by immersion. You're bound to fumble with grammar and pronunciation—aka misjudging markets or mishandling a marketing campaign. Early on, I actually thought I had the market all figured out. Spoiler alert: I didn't. The assumption that our platform would instantly click with everyone was off the mark. It stung, sure, but it was a wake-up call that led to a crash course in patience and the power of listening to our users.


This "mistake" reshaped our whole story. It nudged us towards a two-way conversation with our community, turning Hangurs into a collaboration rather than a monologue. And honestly? The view from this side of the lesson is pretty amazing.


Taking risks has now become my favorite part of the day. It’s scary sometimes, but that’s okay. The wins are bigger, brighter, and more rewarding because they come from a place of genuine learning and growth.


Here's the thing: those slips and trips along the way? They’re not just inevitable; they're invaluable. They've become my most trusted advisors, guiding Hangurs toward better, bolder decisions. To anyone out there starting their own thing, know that your errors aren't endgames—they're insights wrapped up in wrinkled paper.


Mistakes have softened the edges of my professional path, giving me the freedom to try, to test, and to trust the process. At Hangurs, every misstep is a step forward, inching us closer to a world where fashion is as good for the planet as it is for our confidence.


So, let's keep the conversation going. Let's share our mishaps as well as the milestones. Because in this shared space, we're all students, we're all teachers, and we're all here to support each other’s journey.

Celia Evereklian, Founder @Hangurs


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